Porto | Food places to remember

Porto | April, 2015

Café Santiago

Francesinha is a traditional Portuguese sandwich, originally from Porto. It is basically bread with ham, sausage and roasted meat, covered with melted cheese, egg and served with french fries and beer sauce. We asked locals where should we have our francesinha. They said “Café Santiago”, the best in town.

The place is really local, like a cozy little tavern, familiar people and the food is worth all of the calories!




Taberna Santo Antonio

I feel I am lucky to stay near the Rua das Virtuades, in the old center, where is the little taberna Santo Antonio. It is almost an all-day haunt as it has breakfast (croissants, pastries, coffee…), traditional home-made dishes, amazing Porto wine and stays open until after midnight. Not sure if there are fixed opening hours. Cheap and great quality. Strange, lovely decoration in the inside!



People would drink their coffee in daytime and even more people of all ages would gather for wine at night. Open air, a few tables, happy atmosphere, not touristic, quiet old neighborhood.

Έκδοση 2


Barrete Encarnado

I was searching a place to have lunch, wandering in the narrow streets of the old town. A little group of French visitors were coming out of a little tavern and after our random eye contact they immediately recommended the place for food.

All I can say is that it was the most amazing flavors I tasted while I was in Porto. Plus, for 2 main dishes, salad and wine the price was something less than 20 euros. I felt like I had lunch made by a Portuguese experienced grandma in a traditional little house.

I didn’t want to spoil the traditional aura so I did not use my camera while I was there.

Just in case, the address is: Rua da Bainharia 4, Porto

Casa Dias, Gaia

It is located in the main street by the river. Try the local sausage, the traditional fried haddock-ball, and fried haddock with onion sauce. The sun sets out of the tavern’s front. You need a nice place to go eat after the wine-tasting in Gaia.




address: Av. de Ramos Pinto 242, Gaia




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