Paris | Petites observations

114 Rue Muffetard, Café la Burgogne

A big salad with chêvre (goat cheese), tomato, potato,lettuce, prosciutto and egg for a break from city strolling.

Au Café La Burgogne pour une salade

French people often sit by themselves for a coffee or wine and what I really like is that they will write their notes and any other stuff on paper. Either sitting at a café, in the bus, or in the metro… They maintain a beautiful relationship with simple, analog things. Plain, classic clothes, newspaper, magazines, paper, pen, books, grey or white hair…

The Parisian atmosphere has a sense of a present past, created by the people themselves and they live within it. The girls are beautiful with their tights and red lipstick. The boys are charming in these natural, pastel colors, hands in the pockets and this accent. Most of the older people give this impression of being in harmony with their age, simple, natural, their look is calm.

Parisian evening

Life in Paris is almost equally shared in outdoor and indoor spaces. Despite the cold, there are everywhere little tables on the streets, inside is as buzy as outside, people go out for a cigarette, they are expressive, they laugh with their hearts. In the narrow streets hide beautiful scents, bakeries are inviting with their elegance and variety, the street lights seem like they have always been there, in autumn trees become yellow-olive green and keep their leaves, most of the dogs are little ones, the cafés and bars are rarely empty. In the metro you feel like you’ve seen people from all over the world within five minutes. Most of them speak French, capes, huts, umbrellas, leather shoes with laces and baguettes in their bags. It is not very usual to see people at the cafés having their cell phone on the table. Where I am sitting now, I don’t see any kind of screen around. There are just a few people talking on the phone.

I am done with both my coffee and salad now. Au revoir!

Night lights
[ Hand-written in October, 2015 ]

2 thoughts on “Paris | Petites observations

  1. Wow!!! I absolutely love the style and dynamic of this post! I’m actually in the middle of a series about Paris right now if you’d want to check me out!(: I’m so excited to follow your blog and read more


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