The world in you

You travel. You come closer to people from which for years you lived too far. Imagine how many people your eyes meet at least for one second per day. How many people you actually meet, how many names, faces and stories your memory keeps. How many dogs, cats, birds, kids, old and young people of different styles, casual and extreme ones, you have seen. How many short or long life stories you’ve heard, told by different voices, languages and accents; and how many you haven’t heard yet.

Imagine how many sunrises and sunsets the planet has to offer you within one lifetime, with only one sun. Imagine how different are every dawn and every setting sun seen from a different bench, a different beach, balcony, hill, mountain, on a different altitude, in a different city, with a different climate and different natural or urban surroundings.

Collecting images of the world in your mind, you recreate the world in a different dimension, in which people are united as one and the countries and cities you’ve seen, are one place where we all live. The world in you, seen from your eyes, kept in your memory, represented in your soul. Traveling builds in you the ability to see with your heart, to feel closer to strangers, to embrace the unknown, to respect the different. You see closer and directly, not through any screen, you understand, you interpret. You take your fresh thoughts with you when you leave a place, -you will never be the same- and the people you’ve met will remember something about you, within this eternal exchange of human energy. You become a citizen of the world and you feel you identify with the people of the planet. People are strange when you’re a stranger (The Doors). Having the world in your heart and in your mind makes you rich, gets you closer to fulfillment. It brings you inner peace making you a person that wants to do good to the world.

One’s identity is not defined by papers with stamps of some state. It is not defined by any god, either. You choose who you want to be, you create your own identity and live your life in your own dimension. Traveling loosens the idea of a personal identity based nationality and religion, and expands your sense of belonging globally. And this feels like all the sunrises, sunsets and rainbows across the globe, connect with what there is inside you. And the people existing on this planet are your neighbors. They are so many that a lifetime may not be enough for you to meet them all. But with how many of them can your sights come across within a lifetime?

Before a Moroccan sunset

I am writing these thoughts being at my current home in Amsterdam. I am preparing myself to be open to the unknown and feeding my thirst to see far away places, before I travel for three months in Latin America. Let’s see what I will be writing being there.

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