A walk in Vila Madalena

Vila Madalena, the bohemian neighborhood in the western part of São Paulo. It became my favorite area in the city within minutes. As you walk through the uphill and downhill streets, graffitis and murals appear in every turn, on walls, stares, even on the ground, large and colorfully vivid. Street art as the essence of the neighborhood.

I saw graffiti artists in action, artesano jewelry creators selling their staff, musicians playing in the street or in those atmospheric little bars with the open air terraces, people sitting on the pavements with beers in hand soaking up the atmosphere. Where there was no graffiti, there was a beautiful mosaic. Positive energy from constant visual input of grungy beauty throughout the neighborhood.

Have a look:


“If you didn’t exist I would invent you”


Listening to this girl’s funky voice with a caipirinha in hand


“Olá, tudo bem?”

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