Exotic, colonial Paraty

I am sitting on a yellow plastic chair right on the beach, with the taste of coffee in my mouth, my feet half in the sand, and sunglasses hanging from my neck. The beach of the center of Paraty is not that clean to swim but people do canoe and kayak here. The town center is lovely. It has a color of an older time. The atmosphere is calm and relaxing and makes you feel that life can be simple when you get your time and appreciate the here and now of the moment.



Paraty is a small town between Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo, in front of high  green mountains, by the sea. Its Portuguese colonial architectural style and its cobbled streets make it really scenic and during the summer period is becomes very vivid. Street food, beach bars, live music and dancing in the streets, festivals…




The town of Paraty

After the rain, liquid mirrors are formed on the streets, reflecting the low buildings with the colored windows and the people passing by.


If you take a day trip with a boat from the little pier, which is kind of a touristy thing to do, you get to clean beautiful beaches a little bit further from the town. Like this:


Έκδοση 2


The little pier

Especially when traveling, take your time in doing things. Do everything consciously, focusing on the action and its moment, essentially experiencing the uniqueness of the moment, on this time and place. My coffee is finished here.

[ Handwritten in October, 2016 ]

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