Museum of Tomorrow | Rio de Janeiro

“Vida é inovação e repetição”

  (Life is innovation and repetition)

Museo do Amanhã is a science museum in Rio de Janeiro, designed by neofuturistic famous architect, Santiago Calatrava. You get through five thematic areas: Cosmos, Earth, Anthropocene, Tomorrow and Now.

A digital globe representing the Earth
Desks of interactive information

Light, water, earth, air. Four natural elements, four seasons. The seasons are formed by the combination of the movement of the those elements in time. Any change in any of these, has an impact on the others. Movement is a basic concept of the exhibition space and the subject of a beautiful installation piece, “Flows”, by Daniel Wurtzel.

Two fine pieces of cloth, a white and a light gold one, moving freely upon a circular surface that emits air, accompanied by soft instrumental music. I could stay watching them for hours, dancing that otherwordly and at the same time so natural dance, so charming in its simplicity, moving in the air, taking unexpected shapes in constant flow.

What I am keeping from this visit deep in my mind, is that us, the humans, we do not merely belong to this world, the “cosmos”, but we are cosmic ourselves and we have the power to make our future sustainable, finding the balance between development and protection of the nature.


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