Oh, little Trindade!

This time, sitting on a red plastic chair, again with feet in the sand and a big Itaipava beer on the table. I am in Trindade, half hour bus ride from Paraty. In front of me, kids are playing just where the waves dissolve on the sand. Just behind me, there is this guy playing his guitar, singing something between reggae and rock. A Brazilian guy with deep, summer-warm voice.

That guy

Behind him, the little wooden beach bar, opposite to high, green mountains with low, smoky clouds covering their peaks. I am in the middle of this scenery and it feels good.




This town is a little summer itself. Even with clouds and no sun. At the table next to me sits a group of friends, drinking beers in wet swim-suits. The beach is lively, with many artesano jewelry vendors sitting on the sand, surfers, adult playing with kids, playing the guitar, others doing nothing, staring at the waves. The town consists of two main parallel routes; the one along the beach with little bohemian beach bars and the one above it, with restaurants and hippy shops.



At the right corner of the beach


This is the beach you find at the end of the town; not as hippy, too crowded and quite loud. Nice landscape though.



You follow the little path on the mountain and you get to a calm, long beach with white sand. Surfing, fishing, music, books, calmness.



If you pass this beach, in one hour hiking in total, you get to the Piscina natural. A natural pool. Green clean water surrounded by those big, smooth, rounded rocks which are so typical of Brazil.



Trindade celebrates the simple, barefoot life by the beach. Spend at least a day there. It is enough to love it and the memory will sweeten your heart every time you recall it.



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