A taste of São Paulo | Brazil

I am writing this on the second week of my stay in São Paulo. It took me a little bit of time to develop a feeling of connection with this city. Huge, chaotic, fast, unpredictable.

It’s modern look is disrupted by touches of a past time and exoticism. The old and the contemporary stand together in a cubistic optical frame. You walk the large pavements or drive on big avenues surrounded by high glass buildings that reflect one another, malls, sky-scrappers, a multitude of mirror surfaces. Palm trees appear here and there adding more natural, green shapes in the reflections.


Avenida Paulista

And then, you take a turn and you find yourself in a narrower street with little colorful low houses and then an old cathedral appears or an old preserved colonial building. On your way through the city you meet barefoot guys playing music on the street with local instruments while people in suits, fancy girls or teenage skaters sing along, with or without a beer in hand.



Street music in front of MASP museum

There are people sleeping in the streets, stray dogs wandering, hippies selling artesano crafts right next to big avenues, like Avenida Paulista. They advised me it is not safe to walk from place to place, it is better to take taxis or buses. I walked quite a lot and took taxis too. A taxi driver offered to explain to me what we were seeing on our way, a real little guided tour on a taxi.

Tents under bridges, amazing murals and graffitis, streets full of cars, never too old ones… An urban composition of fragmented realities that coexist an a huge piece of Brazilian land.




Black swans in Ibirapuera Park


Hand-Written in October, 2016

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