Ilha Grande | Brazil

Ilha Grande, the big island, is such a small island compared to Brazilian mainland. It is all covered by a protected virgin, dense, rainforest that makes both the island and the sea around it emerald green. If you go hiking through it, you will soon find a natural pool. You arrive at the deck of little village do Abraão, a little fisherman village which is the biggest town of the island. Both on the left and right side of the village, you find tropical beaches within walking distance. After some hiking, I felt blessed to reach the palm-lined Lopes Mendes beach on the southeastern shore where you feel you are in a secret corner of the world, literally away from everything. Open your eyes while you are in the water and find yourself in an infinite light turquoise light that connects you with a cosmic silent beauty. The best way to discover the beauty gems of the island is to go around its exotic beaches on a boat tour. The nights are quiet, unless there is a hostel party that I would not recommend or some live music at a seaside little bar restaurant, that I do recommend. The stars and the moon are amazingly bright, and even the rain matches perfectly with the dark green of the island.

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